Who we are

PIH (Platzer Industrie Holding) in Vienna is an Austrian conglomerate and holding company founded in Vienna in 2018. PIH includes the industrial conglomerate PRH (Platzer Rail Holding), real estate companies, consulting/engineering/media and software companies, etc. PIH now also owns the investments of former Platzer Private Foundation (Privatstiftung). The visionary and evangelist of both holdings is Austrian industrialist Martin Platzer, MBA, who has set himself the ambitious goal of developing PIH into a strong Central European conglomerate built on innovation carriers and sustainable assets.

Group Assets

PIH participates in several consulting, engineering, software and media companies. This area of the company group offers additional opportunities for cooperation and customer acquisition as well as an entry into valuable networks for PIH and at the same time functions as a Brain Group for additional expert and specialist know-how in the colorful holding landscape of PIH.

  • Platzer Rail Holding (Hybrid railway technology)
  • Tecsol (Engineering of tailormade locomotives)
  • Railrent Service (Rail rent service)
  • Feistritztalbahn (Transportation escort service)
  • MAPL (Vergabemanagement)
  • MAP Immobilien (Real estate management)
  • MAP Projekt (Real estate development)
  • Austria Sotheby's (International reality)

Our Economic Base

PIH and PRH were both founded in 2018. Austrian auditors rated the net wealth/substance of assets of PIH at approx. € 17,3m at the end of 2018. PIH’s subsidiary holding PRH will have a solid share capital of € 1m for the tasks ahead of it. The current business plan of PRH envisages economic expansion and corresponding growth in the years 2019-24 and the successive growth of all other PRH specialist companies (sales doubling from currently € 185m to € 350m by 2024, break even and turn around in 2020 / 2021). At the end of 2019 / beginning of 2020, PRH will start a stock market listing for current unneeded, but much more enabling additional capital.

  • Mixed portfolio of industrial companies, real estate business, consulting, engineering
  • Majority owner of PRH Holding
  • Net wealth / substance of assets approx. € 17,3m
  • Self-financed goodwill of all investments approx. € 13m
  • Planned total group sales 2019: € ​​195m
  • Planned total group sales 2024: € 285m
  • Planned overall break-even PIH Group: 2020/21
Net wealth / substance of assets
Self-financed goodwill of all investments
Planned total group sales 2019
Planned total group sales 2024


Georg Sieber

Martin Platzer

Johnannes Schwandegger

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