Platzer Rail Holding

By existing know-how, the industrial conglomerate PRH is one of the leading innovators in hybrid railway technology.

▪︎ Tailor-made technical solutions according to customer needs are the strength of PRH, which has been founded in 2018.

▪︎ PRH is aiming for an European presence of its production and conversion facilities, taking advantage of regional benefits and has already begun this geographic diversification process.

▪︎ PRH’s aim is to combine optimized customer proximity with local know-how advantages and to offer attractive financing models for its customers at the same time.

▪︎ PRH will secure the ambitious and rapid development of its expertise in the foreseeable future with funds raised from the capital markets. For this purpose, at the end of 2019 / beginning of 2020, PRH will be launching a stock market listing for supplementary, but much more enabling additional capital.

  • Leading innovator in hybrid railway technology
  • Tailor-made technical solutions
  • European production and conversion facilities
  • Optimized customer proximity with local know-how
  • Attractive financing models
  • Stock market listing by 2020


PIH’s subsidiary PRH owns the Styrian traditional and innovative company TecSol, which has dedicated itself to the engineering of special requested and tailormade locomotive conversions and in parallel to hybrid development in future drive construction.

▪︎ As early as 2016, TecSol presented the "Inno-Shunt" at the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin, a prototype of the world's first operational hybrid locomotive.

▪︎ With a think tank in Anger and a production hall in Krieglach, TecSol benefits from the Styrian regional potential in technical development, which can draw on more than 175 years of railway tradition in this area of Austria.

▪︎ TecSol offers itself as a specialist and integrated technology partner for all maintenance work as well as for customer-specific custom-made products.

  • Prototype of World's first operational hybrid locomotive
  • Think tank in Anger and a production hall in Krieglach
  • Technology partner for all maintenance work
  • Customer-specific custom-made products


MAPL is a consulting company, established 2012, which has developed its core competence in the field of procurement management. In the implementation of complex procurement procedures and public tenders, MAPL offers its public and private clients individual and sustainable measures from a single source, while Interdisciplinary teams of experts from the fields of law, economics, architecture and technology accompany the client side throughout the entire process, from the initial idea through the conception of the overall or partial process to realization.

  • Established 2012
  • Procurement management
  • Interdisciplinary teams of experts ( law, economics, architecture, technology)

MAP Projekt

MAP Projekt GmbH (MAPP) is a majority owned subsidiary of Platzer Industrie Holding (PIH) and was founded in 2019. During the expansion of the company group PIH, the real estate business was given an important role. MAPP is used as an essential control instrument for project management with corresponding expert knowledge. MAPP is responsible for coordinating the most diverse construction projects covering all business areas from project development & management, planning & construction, as well as acquisition & sales for highest customer satisfaction.

  • Founded 2019
  • Real estate project management and development
  • Planning, construction, acquisition and sales

Austria Sotheby's International Realty

PIH is also majority owner of the real estate company MAP Immobilien, which owns the internationally renowned franchise for Austria Sotheby's International Realty (ASIR), which enables exclusive operations for further 20 years in Austria.

▪︎ ASIR has access to the world's largest real estate brokerage and enterprise network with more than 950 outlets and over 22,000 real estate brokers in Sotheby's International.

▪︎ ASIR is active in the Austrian market as a marketer and seller for real estate in the upper and luxury segment and is at the same time exclusive market partner in Austria for all worldwide customer requests from the Sotheby's network regarding Austrian real estate.

▪︎ Real estate know-how and business is constantly being developed at PIH.

  • Internationally renowned franchise
  • World's largest real estate brokerage and enterprise network
  • More than 950 outlets and over 22,000 real estate brokers
  • Seller for real estate in the upper and luxury segment
  • Exclusive market partner in Austria for all worldwide customer requests
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